Aaron Hauck is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), he is now living/working in NYC.


My most recent work is a direct reflection of my surroundings. I work and walk around New York City on a daily basis. I would like to convey the enormity and solemnity of the buildings and the city as a whole. I have always drawn and painted cathedral and church interiors and the experience of walking around NYC has a similar effect. It gives one the feeling of insignificance. It is also a dirty, filthy, beautiful place. The city works as a giant sundial. The morning and evening sunlight is directed by the architecture. These light and dark areas and quiet moments in a massively populated city hopefully are conveyed to the viewer.


Mark making, process, an exploration of materials is another facet of my work. I enjoy working from life when ever possible, but using photographs and outside source material are tools I use often. I want to show the journey of art making, it is a give and take process and all that you have to show for the hours, plus everything else, you’ve put into something is the finished piece. I want to keep some remnant of areas I have scraped off paint, moved figures, put in a graph, drawn with a pencil, etc. It all adds to the making of the end.