Aaron Hauck is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), he lived and worked in NYC for the last decade and currently lives/works in Kingston, NY.


Here is a short write up by Greg Griffith concerning my recent work that is currently on view at Established Gallery and Thrift in Brooklyn, NY.

Aaron Hauck is a master draftsman and doesn’t let that get in the way of making exciting, complex and plastic figurative paintings. Hauck’s paint handling and process are rooted in a tradition that call to mind Fairfield Porter or Euan Uglow. The palette is often high key which keeps the work looking modern and never nostalgic. Hauck’s paintings are the experience of his surroundings, from social events to empty rooms. You can hear the spaces change from painting to painting. The paintings of social events e.g. Conversation or New Year’s Eve, his figures are often in motion, repeated or stuttering on the canvas. This brings an abstraction to the scene and energy to the compositions. Hauck wants us to see the materials used; pencil, paint, grids, and ground. He wants us to be aware of process, notice the remnants of old ideas and ghost of figures repositioned. Hauck isn't trying to hide anything in his work, he is trying to help us see it.